Chris Kent Glasby

Author of ‘The Bare Essentials’ series of books


Get background information on school work


know the background for the history curriculum units


be able to answer your children’s questions


know your kings and queens, prime ministers and important battles

This book gives a synopsis of each of the monarchs of England, subsequently Great Britain, with individual sections highlighting the main battles and influences of his/her reign. In essence, you have to hand ‘the bare essentials’ of each reign.

Any monarch can easily be found in the genealogy tree by the use of the corresponding number from his/her page heading.

About the Author

Having trained as a primary school teacher in Glasgow, Chris taught in International schools in the Middle East and Europe.  Her final teaching position was as Deputy Headteacher of a small British school in Brussels, leaving to return to the UK and spend time researching British History, which had become a passion. 

Chris Kent Glasby, Author of ‘The Bare Essentials’ series of books

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